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Sports Massage

Sports massage can help everybody. Sports massage is not only for sports people. Anyone who is experiencing everyday levels of strain and stress will benefit.

Deep tissue massage releases muscular congestion and pain, aids the lymphatic system, improves circulation and enhances the functional quality of muscle tissue.
Massage in the Workspace

We travel throughout the Netherlands to provide professional chair massage. We bring therapeutic massage to you at your home, event, gathering or place of business. Nothing says ‘we appreciate your hard work’ better than treating employees to relaxing, rejuvenating chair massage at the office!

Our workplace massage is a fully clothed seated massage, concentrating on the back, neck, shoulders and arms, using portable ergonomic massage chairs. Most Workman’s Comp claims are back, neck and shoulder related! These brief energizing massages are can be as little as 7 to 12 minutes in duration, but can be any length desired.--
Foot Reflex Therapy

For many people therapeutic work on their feet, whether symptom-oriented or generaly relaxing, is very successful and beneficial. On the feet (as well as on the hands) you find nerve endings of all organ systems of the human body.

Also the spine and all major joints of the body are represented here. The different reflexology zones of the foot can be stimulated or calmed down by applying several pressure techniques, according to the indication of the treatment.--
Relaxation Massage

Our relaxing massage is a massage that helps you relax in times of stress. This full body massage tackles all points where stress can accumulate in your body. The neck, shoulders and back are places where stress often is amassed in the muscles.

And therefore good circulation of blood through the muscles and lymphs is important. Through the deep working sensation of the massage, the accumulated toxins are discharged and this brings great relief to your body and your mind. The relax massage is not only meant to dispense you of any stress, but also ensures a better night’s sleep. After a long and relaxing massage, you will experience a more peaceful and deeper sleep and awake all refreshed in the morning. Book your massage early in the day and feel completely energized to take on anything during the rest of your day.

Shiatsu improves the flow of energy throughout the body. It is deeply relaxing and there is often a sense of feeling invigorated, yet rested, after a treatment. Its effects are experienced on physical as well as spiritual and emotional levels.

In treating muscular discomfort, for instance, the individual is likely to become more aware of how and where they 'hold' physical tension as well as aware of any associated emotional and spiritual feelings.
Workshop Partner- Massage

Are you interested in learning how to give your partner a relaxing, de-stressing massage? Or would you like to purchase the workshop as a gift experience, wedding present/anniversary gift, pamper treat or birthday present?

The training will cover how to give a safe, soothing full body massage to your partner. This is a totally practical session covering basic but effective massage strokes for each area of the body. The workshop will be given at your location.


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Arthurmassage has been a household name in the North Holland, South Holland and Utrecht region for longer as 30 years. Many people feel most at ease in their own environment. That is why we provide massage at your home so that you do not have to leave the house. We also offer various types of massage at the office, within your company or at any location where you feel comfortable. You can book a massage at home or massage on location daily from 10 am to 10 pm contact us via email or fill out the form.

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Had a very nice massage from Arthur, was just perfect to have it at home especially since I had given birth 2 weeks before. Will definitely have him over again for a repeat. Highly recommended :-)

Anna Marie

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